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Family Arts Festival
The New York Family Arts Festival is a wonderful celebration centered on family and bridging communities by presenting an internationally diverse roster of artists and cultural villages. We realize the importance of providing wholesome opportunities for families to experience as a unit, including artistic representation from cultures all over the world. Since it started in 1999, the Festival has been free of charge and fun for everyone. More...

Family Arts Festival 2011
Free Admission

June 11th @ 2pm - Ecuadorian Cultural Village - Free Admission

Experience colorful costumes, wonderful melodies, traditional dances and storytelling as Ayazamana and Andes Manta showcase the beauty of Ecuadorian culture.
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June 12th @ 2pm - Youth Theatre - Free Admission

The David and Goliath Rumble - A timely, original, artistic modern day dramatic, musical and dance version of the Biblical David's tangle with Goliath - and his ultimate triumph over this terrorizing bully. David and the other children recognize in this musical, that a bully is a coward, and to defeat one... you do not have to become one!

Written, Directed and Choreographed by Dr. Glory Van Scott, starring Dr. Glory's Youth Theatre
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June 17th @ 7pm - Power of Drum: Percussion Trios - Free Admission

Power Of Drum VI...'Dialogues 3'
Join us this year as master drummers
Dialogues 3 explores the art of the Trio through musical telepathy and language

Will Calhoun - Horacio 'El Negro' Hernandez & John Riley lead their groups in an evening of rhythm, conversations and sound

Hosted by POD founder Michael Wimberly
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June 18th @ 7pm - Gestures Dance Ensemble - Free Admission

Enjoy a youthful celebration of dance through the works of emerging and established professional choreographers that include Darrell Grand Moultrie, Troy Powell, Amy Hall, Nina Klyvert-Lawson, Blanca Alonso, and Harbor Conservatory alumni. The evening will offer an eclectic program of cultural, traditional and contemporary modern choreography performed by seasoned young dancers who are well versed in creating a cinematic dance montage that will excite all.
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June 19th @ 2pm - Celtic Footprints - Free Admission

Choreographer Ellen Sinopoli, storyteller Bairbre McCarthy and ESDC dancers take families on a fantastical journey as they weave stories, song and dance to follow the footprints of the Celts from Central Europe to Scotland, Wales & Ireland and then across the Atlantic to Appalachia.

See and hear the Myth of the Seal People, the Legend of the Swans, the Adventures of Jack (beyond the beanstalk), the Tale of Norouas, the Northwest Wind, the fable of Dagda's Magical Harp and the hilarious yarn of how Marika Got Her Story. These are stories of a very special people that bring laughter, thrills, sadness and silliness to touch your hearts.
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June 24th @ 7pm - Artz, Rootz, Rhythm - Free Admission

Come and enjoy a high energy evening of dance and music.
Featuring: the versatile voice, dynamic singer Ioana Wicker; the dynamic tap artist Tyrice "Cartier" Conway; the beauty and grace of Uptown Dance Academy; the powerful voice of Naoko Yoshioka "NOW" accompanied by "Don't Give Up" Choir

Hosted by M.C. Lola Jimoh
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June 26th @ 2pm - Harlem Speaks - Free Admission

Join us for a fabulous afternoon of swing!
Featuring The National Jazz Museum in Harlem All Star Swing Band directed by Loren Schoenberg.

Bring the whole family and Swing!
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